Primary School for orphans of Nairobi, KenyaMy original vision was to construct a boarding school which would have functioned as both a school and a home for the orphans. But as I became more educated, it became apparent that a more serious need was for a home where the children could live between school terms. Therefore, the Board of Directors has decided to sponsor and pay for the orphans to attend existing private boarding schools in the Nairobi area and to separately raise funds to build a home where the children can live when not in school. This will enable us to begin helping orphans immediately. Thanks to your support, many children have already been enrolled in a private boarding school.

We have selected three boarding schools in which we wil sponsor the children. They are (1) Musa Gitau Primary School which is a Presbyterian-based public boarding school.  (2) St. Elizabeth Academy, a Catholic-based private primary boarding school; and (3) Madaraka Primary School, a Catholic-based primary boarding school for girls. Each school also has a secondary school campus. The children selected to attend one of these schools will be chosen by Kenyan educators who are able to find within them the necessary spark of desire and determination, coupled with reasonable academic and social potential, to help in their success.

Larry Hines, President

On our recent visit to Kenya, we took a video of the orphans we are helping. This video shows orphaned children in some of the most disparaging settings. These children can have great difficulty in life without the help of caring people like ourselves.

Their education becomes a critical path to helping them lead a healthy, productive life that gives them happiness. We believe our service helps these orphans in Nairobi, Kenya, and especially those from the Mathare Slums. With your help, we are placing these children in boarding schools. These schools give them the education they need and the safety of a roof over their head with food in their tummys.

This video is about 15 minutes long and may take a few minutes to download.  Take a few minutes to view some of our work and those we (with your help) are helping.

Cycle of PovertyThe Nadine Griffey Academy of Kenya is a California-based non-profit organization which is dedicated to changing the lives of orphans who live in the terrible slums of Nairobi, Kenya by breaking the cycle of poverty in which they live in on a daily basis. We do this by reaching out and taking an orphan by the hand, holding that hand tight, and moving them into one of three private boarding schools.

This is a wonderful adventure that you can see in living color in our thirty minute documentary entitled “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.” Please join us and help wherever you can.

  • The Academy serves to address the social and educational needs of children from the impoverished areas of Kenya.
  • Children who are sponsored by the Academy are orphaned or without a close family structure and live in the slums of Nairobi or nearby rural villages.
  • Children will become part of the Academy “family” with a nurturing faculty of educators and supporting staff who will guide them each and every day.
  • Children will be served in private boarding schools close to the Nairobi urban area.

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Please help if you can. We are not trying to cure world hunger or end starvation. We are trying to raise money to completely change the lives of as many orphans from the slum areas of Nairobi as funding allows.