Mission Statement


Vision Statement

To create an opportunity for orphans from the impoverished areas of Nairobi or other rural villages of Kenya to become ethical, moral career professionals and skilled trades people who will be leaders in the country of  Kenya with their language, social skills, service, faith, cultural understanding and fluent communication.

Mission Statement

To offer a safe, positive, and moral educational environment within a highly academic environment to selected groups of children from the impoverished areas of  Nairobi, Kenya.

Immediate Goals For the Achievement of Our Vision and Mission Statements:

Develop appropriate and progressive measures to provide adequate funding for the realization of the Mission Statement.  Select appropriate private boarding school(s) in Nairobi to provide an appropriate home and educational facility.  Develop a culturally proficient Kenyan program that will include, but not be limited to the development of:

  • Leadership
  • Academic excellence
  • Athletic ability
  • Oral and written literacy in Swahili and English
  • Service to faith, family, country and mankind